Ferroline 111 winners are Maxim Kriat and Alma Sarapuu

The grand triathlon festival at Pühajärve came to an end with Ferroline 111 race with almost 500 competitors. Mens winner was Maxim Kriat, ladies winner Alma Sarapuu and the best team was Jooksuekspert (Alar Lodi, Kert Martma, Rauno Laumets).

Maxim Kriat

Ferroline 111 race start was given today at 11 AM, when triathletes had to swim 1 km in quite chilly below 18-degrees water, then cycle 100 km with gusty wind and finally run hilly 10 km. The overall winner Maxim Kriat, who is born in Ukraine but represents Russia, completed the swim in top 10 and worked his way into lead during bike with Esben Hovgaard (Denmark) closely following. As Hovgaard is recovering from knee injury he wasn't able to catch Kriat during run and the victory went to Kriat in 3:19:50. Hovgaard struggled with knee pain but finished second and Harri Sokk from Estonia came in third, however winning his 25-29 age group.

TriSmile Triathlon 2015 Ferroline 111 top 3 male


Ladies winner Alma Sarapuu had a really good day, as she also celebrated her birthday at Pühajärve. In previous years she has finished Trismile Triathlon long distance second, third and fourth (twice), but this year there was no match to her. Finishing at 3:58:02, more than five minutes ahead of second place Karmen Reinpõld (Estonia). Valentina Kukrus from Russia was third.

TriSmile Triathlon 2015 Ferroline 111 top 3 female



Not only top five athletes gave their best during the race, but also people competing in top 100. Raio Piiroja, who is the former captain of Estonian national football team, raced wheel to wheel with the Estonias's Minister of Education Jürgen Ligi, but had to give in during the run. Jürgen Ligi raced hard at Pühajärve and won his agegroup in 3:53:53.

Competitors, who have raced at Pühajärve before, praised the cool Estonian summer weather, because the memory of previous years' above 30-degrees heat is painfully clear.

Head organizer Ain-Alar Juhanson wishes to thank all competitors, volunteers, sponsors and local people, who have made the triathlon festival unforgettable again.


"You are all welcome back in August 2016!"